Soul Child clothing was established as a fundraising agent for The Male Achievement Network, Inc., (MAN UP!), a minority male incentive-based organization in 2002.  Soul Child Clothing was apart of the marketing effort that included MAN UP! inspirational tees that provided funding for collegiate scholarships, experiential field trips, and life changing experiences for inner-city youth. 

Due to its brand success, Soul Child Clothing developed into a separate entity to build avenues for aspiring designers, marketeers, social media moguls, business entrepreneurs, etc. "It's a way for me to build something that youth can build upon and create any opportunity their SOUL desires"


SOUL CHILD is a reflection of all that is within us that allows us to be authentic and genuine through fashion, culture, and vision.  This brand has reflections of who I am... College Boy Collection - '93, MAN UP! - J. Micahi '00, Soul Child - '02, and Educated Thug '13


My Soul is My Family....My Life is to serve humbly....My Mission to create a bridge that others may cross to better themselves as GOD has intended.  


"The Soul That Is Within Me, No Man Can Degrade"

                                                    - Frederick Douglass